About Us

We at Ontario Career Courses specialise in providing professional training to help you start a new career.


  • Real Estate Licence in Four Months.


  • Mortgage Licence in Less than Two Weeks.


Our learning philosophy:


With the right training and guidance anyone can pass an exam.


A good trainer (or training program) will help you understand difficult concepts and tell you what to focus on, but just as importantly, tell you what not to focus on.


Additional study notes and materials can reduce your study time.


Less than half of a student’s learning comes from reading the actual textbook; most of a student’s learning comes from challenging, relevant, thought provoking practice questions.


There is nothing more frustrating than getting a question wrong and still not grasping the concept even after reading and a detailed answer. Ontario Career Courses is unique in that we offer one-on-one coaching at a very reasonable cost to supplement our products.


Today’s opportunities for a real estate inventor are endless, if you know what to do and how to do it!