Mortgage Courses

Mortgage Courses

Looking to become a Mortgage Agent, in Ontario? This course is required by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) to be licensed under the Act and become a Mortgage Agent.


The SMART way to become licensed as a Mortgage Agent! Start your career on the right track. Take the Mortgage course and “hit the ground running”.


SMART stands for:

Sales techniques

Marketing your services

Administration of files

Regulatory requirements

Technology systems for transfer of files

Mortgage Agent s

The most common way that students find out about the course is a recommendation by a brokerage – therefore you know that you are taking a course that is highly respected by employers. The course is designed with the adult learner in mind thus alleviating the pressures associated with returning to a school environment. Come and meet us for the personal assistance and guidance, To make your career and money in Mortgage Call Us: 416-402-7266