Real Estate Courses Toronto

Real Estate Courses Toronto

TREB – Toronto real estate board is a board of real estate agents in Canada that serves the great Toronto area realtors, providing them services regarding real estate in the state. TREB is a non-profit organization and is governed by a board of directors. The organization maintains a database where all the real estate agents can put the information regarding real estate. To use the information about the real estate in Toronto, the real estate brokers have to get a licence and abide by the rules set for the realtors to use the information provided. The information is confidential only to the licenced members.

To be a member of TREB, the realtors have to sign an agreement and pay the membership fees.

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CREA Canadian real estate association

Canadian real estate association works with boards and have real estate agents, brokers as its members and have a code that the realtors have to follow. To be a realtor in Canada, you have to be CREA member. The association works for the public and the realtors

  • Provides assistance to the realtors, who has CREA licence
  • CREA has some set standards that the realtors should follow, thus maintaining a level of service the client should get. Hence, the realtors must follow those standards and the client cannot be cheated in any way, setting a quality service
  • Provides timely and accurate information regarding market

RECO Real Estate Council of Ontario is also a non-profit organization that regulates the standards for the real estate business in Ontario so as to provide a fair and quality service to the clients. It keeps the public interest on the top thus, working on government’s behalf.

The licensed members will be guided for maintaining the integrity as a realtor through regular publications and service.

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